Frente Independente Popular (Popular Independent Front)

It is necessary to continue the popular mobilization and unification for action. After several protests, we see no real proposal compatible with the radical demands of the streets . The rotten Brazilian State, represented by their anti-people governors, only resorted to an answer to the popular struggle : the repression . Armoured personnel carriers (“caveirões”) were seen on the streets , protesters were framed for conspiracy , unidentified and undercover police are on the streets, the Army has police power, a illegal Commission to investigate the so-called ” vandalism ” was created, and a sucession of other State crimes . Meanwhile , in the favelas , the police continues the killing , as in the slaughter of the “favela da Maré” (13 deaths) and disappearance of a mason, “Mr. Amarildo”.

In order for the fight to continue, we must organize ourselves more. The goal of the Popular Independent Front we are building is to unify movements, collectives, organizations and individuals who have been from the first moment in the fight, defending the path of independence and combativeness . We cannot let our struggle be appropriated by political groups with electoral objectives, the same groups that have been criminalizing the active resistance of the people, reproducing the discourse of the bourgeois press about “vandalism”. The ensigns “Cabral and the electoral farce out”; against the police violence; for the right to the city and the natural resources are ensigns which belong to the people and only the fight in the streets will guarantee them. It will not be on the ballot or through any candidate that we will achieve our goals, but only by base work and direct action.

Long live the Popular Struggle!

1 ) Cabral and the electoral farce out

2 ) For the end of police violence

– end of PM

– end military occupations of slums

– end of CEIV (Special Comission for Vandalism Investigation)

3 ) The right to the city

– Zero transportation fare for the entire population

– End of removals and evictions

– Housing, health and education

4 ) Right to environmental resources

– For the end of the auction of oil and the control of the oil production by the workers

– No to the construction of the third runway in the Galeão Airport

– Out with TKCSA (Thyssem Krupp – Atlantic Siderurgic Company)

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